I Heart VBS…

iheartvbs_clipartVacation Bible School for 2015 is quickly approaching the church at Eastgate Baptist (BTW…Click here to Register).  This year our church facilities and volunteers will be taking a “Journey Off The Map” as a way to explore the unknown and the knowable.  The whole goal is for those that enter in to discover that Jesus makes Himself known to us and wants to be known by us.  VBS will provide an opportunity for others to trust & #FollowJesus.   I have always loved Vacation Bible School although there have been years where I was not able to be a part of this unique ministry.

One of the unique reasons that VBS is so popular during the summer is because it has become on of the most valuable tools/methods to reach families for Christ in our country.  Each set of days has elements for children, teens, and adults to discover the Bible but also to incorporate lessons with music, games, crafts, and even snacks.

There are so many reasons to incorporate VBS into your church and why I hope all hands possible will be on deck to support it this year at Eastgate.  Let’s count the ways that the impact of VBS is clearly seen!

  1. The excitement,  smiles, joy, & laughs of a kid racing into the building from her parent’s car.
  2. A teary-eyed & often tired worker that shares: “Thanks for giving me this opportunity to serve. I was even more blessed than these kiddos.”
  3. Big smiles with lips stained from the fruit punch.
  4. Remembering that the Gospel really is a gift…and we get to share it!
  5. Adults that become kids again and love making (and showing off their) crafts as much as the 1st graders.
  6. The look of wonder when a child “gets it” during Bible study.
  7. The chaos of the first day.
  8. The random VBS tunes that pop into your mind at strange moments…along with motions.
  9. The baptism of a parent who met Jesus as a result of their child attending VBS.
  10. Shell macaroni glued to almost anything and painted… now adorning the fridges of many homes.
  11. The unchurched family that comes back on Sunday because they saw their kids were loved and had a great time at church?
  12. The timid first-time volunteer who shines like a star in the universe as they share the Word in their words and deeds.
  13. The kindergarten boy who breaks every rule in the book yet melts your heart when he hugs you good-bye.
  14. Total exhaustion resulting from a day but excitement knowing that day made a difference.
  15. The effectiveness of a time-tested outreach method that year after year impacts more lives and results in more professions of faith than any other single ministry.

These are just a few reasons that I feel and have heard others share about why they believe and know VBS is truly a good thing in our churches.

Over the last 15 years, the producers of the curriculum have united the lessons under a theme.  These themes provide an element of adventure that sparks the imagination and gets those creative juices flowing… For the majority of Southern Baptists (my home denomination), the Lifeway company has shared the following themes… going from most recent progressing retrospectively… I share these so that you will have the fond memories and also the lyrics to those theme songs start dancing around in your noodle.


GIG Visual pg master




































The Preceding Years Did Not Include Cohesive Curriculum Themes From Lifeway…

But They Do Have These Listed Titles…

1996: Go For the Gold
1995: Windows on the World
1994: Trail of Treasures
1993: Summer Shine
1992: Fantastic Journey
1991: Celebrate Jesus
1990: Share Hope: Reach Through VBS

The Upcoming 2016 VBS Theme…Drum roll please…

Master 4c logo

Something Conspicuous…

From “Wickenburg’s Got Talent” 2013 featuring a celtic traditional song, “Farwell To Peter”, rebooted. It was performed by Deanna Slagle on electric violin, Eric Alan Smith on fretless electric bass, and Mike Shelton on acoustic / electric guitar. The Conspicuous Trio is also a part of the praise band at First Southern Baptist Church of Wickenburg and Deanna is a student of mine from theTRIBE Student Ministries… http://fsbcw.com

My Little Girl Is Growing So Fast…


I am the proud father of three beautiful children.  They are gift and blessing from God to myself, my wife, the world, and namely to God Himself.  That is why I want to raise them in a way that displays the grace of God to them.  I want them to grow up and come to know Jesus Christ as the Lord God.  I want them to experience His grace and to live to serve him.

That’s why I’m thankful for ministries such as Awana.  It helps my children to understand and memorize scripture from the Bible.  This grasping of the truth will open their eyes.  Abigail has already come to understand and know that Jesus is the Lord who saves.  Jackson is almost 5 years old and asking questions about faith.  Hannah, the 3 year old in my video, is grasping this song from her sister who is in the lst grade.

Glory be to God…the Giver of Grace For Life.

The Parent Rap…

I am lovin’ this humor and it gets stuck in the head so because I feel this and I know that you need a laugh in this life…Here ya go.

Also or As Well…’cause I know you want to drop these lyrics…to all my other parental homies out there…this is for you…cause I feel you!

“Don’t make me count to 1-2-3

Yeah, it’s the parent rap, y’all
We may spend most of our time chasing toddlers down but
We still know how to rock the hizzle
I don’t even know what you just said

We used to be cool!
Back in the day, back on the block
Watching PG-13 movies, staying up way after dark
Then we had a couple shorties
And now we’re really flossy
Cause now we be rollin’ with our own little possie
In the mini van
Or in our little wagon
Let me throw it to the moms
Cause the little one is saggin’

I used to bling it up, I used to dress real shrewd
Now I accessorize with food that’s already been chewed
And that’s all right
I make this diaper bag look good
When I’m walking through the mall tryin’ to wrangle my brood
My PB&Js will set your world on fire
I could make you mac-n-cheese blindfolded on a wire
I’m wiping the do-do
Kissin’ the booboos
Got them eyes in the back of my head, I see all you do.
Using your full name so you know I ain’t playin’
And that’s why all my kiddo’s, they keep sayin’

Mom mom, she’s the bomb, rocking all night till the break of dawn
Cooking them peas so I’ll grow up strong
Got my second seat belt if we crash head on
Dad dad, he’s the man, working real hard to support the clan
Traded in his porsche for an old sedan
Raisin’ those brows if we get outta hand

When it come to Candyland, I’m a stone cold player
Helping out with the homework, I’m an Algebra slayer
Wrestle carseats into place without spillin’ my mug
If I tuck you in at night, you’ll be as snug as a bug
Then I’m off in the morning, to make that cheese
You may not know this yet, but it doesn’t grow on trees
Now mama take it please, what, uh, take it

I’m droppin’ “time out”s like they’re hot
Potty training all my tots
Washin’ all the pans and pots
Tyin’ little shoes in knots
Giving knowlege to your brain
Like “if your friend jumped off a train you don’t have to do the same”
Now get your toys out of the rain!
I’m cleanin’ every spill
Cuttin’ coupons like a vil
If you need parental skill now you know
We are for real!
You don’t think our rhyms are ill boy?
Then your grounded for a mil!

Mom, mom, she’s legit
Making us chill when we pitch a fit
Telling us to share and never to hit
If you can’t say somethin’ nice put a sock in it
Dad dad, he’s the guy,
never gets tired of playing “I spy”
The constant barage of kids asking “why”
And he always pretends he needs another tie

You know money doesn’t grow on trees
Why buy the cow if the milk is free
This won’t hurt you as much as it hurts me
If you want dessert eat another veggie
Close that door
You weren’t born in a stable
Sit up straight
And kiss your aunt mable
Close your mouth when you chew
Get your elbows off the table
Mom and dad of the year, check it, that’s the label

It’s the parent rap y’all
And it’s apparent
We’re great parents
Mom and daddy in the house
Mom and daddy own the house
Mom and daddy need to clean the house…

Keep your hands to yourself, boy
Don’t make me stop this beat, I’ll do it! I’ll pull this beat right over.”

You’re Welcome & My Pleasure (aka.  the Chickfila you’re welcome)

The Invasion…

It’s a couple of years old but I love the power of these lyrics and the smooth sound of Trip Lee. If you are a fan of rap and looking for something that not only strengthens the mind and honors Jesus Christ… look up what they are doing over @116 & @reachrecords.

God has invaded this earth not only with his message, but with His Son. Those that follow Him carry the Hero, Jesus Christ within them. We are marked and sealed by the Holy Spirit who is God with us…dwelling within us.

With Great Power…

…comes great responsibility.  We all have heard the famous quote from Spiderman.  (No, I am not licensed to use the 2002 movie in my post.)  And of course we essentially believe if you are endowed with special powers, there comes a responsibility.  I know that if I had supernatural abilities (which I do…shhh, don’t tell my secret), I would need to use them for good.

We also see this in other areas.  If you are the first one at a red light…you must be responsible to watch for the light at the proper change or make that right turn when it is available.  If you have the special seats (with more leg room) on the planes at the emergency exit…you must know you have responsibility to handle those seats with the care they deserve.

Today, I recently discovered a new-found position of power and responsibility in the church.  There are many we could talk about…but this isn’t about the pastoral role of leadership and teaching the Word of God in a correct way (2 Timothy 2:15).  This isn’t about the Worship Leader making sure that the music chosen not only is relational but theological (and done with excellence).  This isn’t even about the nursery workers that care for our little ones.

No, my friends.  With great power comes great responsibility and there are holders of a power.  Here is it…the person with the Klennex tissue box under their seats.  This parishioners are not spying on you to see if you are nodding off during the sermon.  They are carefully inspecting the watery eyes to see if you need this extra help of two ply softness during an emotional encounter with God.  So do not look oddly at them.  Give them the honor of maintaining responsibility with their powerful seats.  Maybe…even a t-shirt or special name tag (lanyard?).

Thank you Mr. or Mrs. Tissue Box. 

Your contributions are not forgotten.