Reading The Bible In 2020


As the new year presents an opportunity for life-change resolutions…many followers of Christ take the beginning of a new year to rethink their Bible reading customs and then apply a renewed emphasis in learning the Bible by reading it themselves. Why?

Because the Bible is—a message from the heavens. It is the transcendent God speaking to us His people that He loves. He does this according to His purpose and He does this through words we can understand. He gives us a message that is God-breathed, profitable, wise, correcting, rebuking, instructing, & completing us (2 Timothy 3:16).

This is an amazing and gracious gift that God has placed in our hands and before our eyes.  As Christians in this part of the world we have been privileged with access to what many others around the world will spend their entire lives seeking. We don’t have to spend ourselves on a mighty quest to attain it.  We have been gifted with the world around us sharing about the Creator and that is good. But God has done that which is so great. The access to the Word of God (The Bible) is already near us—in our pockets, on our shelves, available on our modern devices, and on our kitchen tables, offering the reader the revelation of who God is, what God is like, what does does, and what God has spoken. It is good news!  So how are we to respond with such a gift…Let us be hungry, avid readers with a desire to know the Lord more intently.

Listed below are some of the Bible reading plans that you may choose from. These plans incorporate the  reading plans can be added to the devices in your pocket or on your desktop.  Of course, you can also reading along in a physical copy of the Bible.

Murray M’Cheyne Reading Plan ::

This plan is based on the M’Cheyne reading system, featuring four different readings for use in both family and personal devotions. Each day has two passages from the Old Testament, one from the New Testament, and one from either the Psalms or the Gospels. In one year, you read the Old Testament once and the New Testament and Psalms twice. This is the one that I will be doing again this year.

Reading God’s Story – One Year Chronological Plan ::

Created by Dr. George Guthrie, this plan takes the material of the Bible and organizes it to flow in chronological order. Since exact dating of some materials or events is not possible, the chronology simply represents an attempt to give you the reader the general flow and development of the Bible’s grand story. Some passages are placed according to topic (e.g., John 1:1-3 in Week 1, Day 2; and many of the psalms). There are six readings for each week to give you space for catching up when needed.

The Bible Project Read Scripture Plan ::

This plan takes you on a chronological journey through the entire Bible over the course of one year. Each book includes videos specifically designed to enhance your understanding and engagement with God’s Word.

The 5 Day Reading Plan ::

Read through the Bible in a year with readings five days a week.

Foundations 260 Bible Reading Plan ::

The F-260 is a two hundred and sixty day reading plan that highlights the foundational passages of Scripture that every disciple should know. The HEAR journaling method promotes reading the Bible with a life-transforming purpose. No longer will your focus be on checking off the boxes on your daily reading schedule; your purpose will instead be to read in order to understand and respond to God’s Word.

The One Year Bible Reading Plan ::

Experience the insights and joy gained from reading the entire Bible. You can do it in as little as 15 minutes a day with The One Year ® Bible, the world’s most popular annual reading Bible. Daily readings from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs will guide you through God’s Word in one year.

Four Streams Bible Reading Plan ::

At Four Streams, we are simply guides fulfilling the great commission and inviting men, women and children to launch into the great adventure that is life in Christ. This plan will go through the NT 4 times per year, the OT once, Psalms twice, and Proverbs 4 times per year. This plan was developed by John Morton and Tom Anderson, members of the Four Streams ministry team.

Discipleship Journal Reading Plan ::

By reading from four separate places in the Scriptures every day, you will get a better grasp of the unity of the Scriptures. And you can begin at any point of the year.

Professor Horner’s Bible Reading Plan ::

Prof. Horner’s Bible Reading System is meant to be an intense foray into every part of the Bible. This system will have you reading ten chapters each day if followed properly. The intent is to read quickly through each chapter, being careful not to “skim” or “dig-deep” into any single section. Good luck!