Life In Christ: But God… pt. 4

Today we continue our message series about Life in Christ and the difference that is made by an encounter with Christ Jesus and his wholly holy goodness…

We’ve been looking at the letter to the Ephesians to see what the Apostle Paul declared about this Life in Christ.  For previous messages, please go and review past blogs.

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Life In Christ: But God… pt. 3

I want to start off by asking a few questions…

Have you ever noticed that really great songs get played often on the radio?  These are the “classics” that we remember the words to because we’ve heard them so many times and yet still enjoy them.

Have you ever wanted to see the same exhibit that others have seen and that you’ve seen in books before, but chosen to look at the familiar pieces preserved in history so that you too could enjoy the unique quality of this feature?

Has there been a favorite meal that you learned to cook and enjoy so much that you have made it so many times, you now remember the recipe without looking it up?

Has there been a movie that you have seen and still take delight it so much that the lines are remembered in detail and that you love sharing with others no matter how many times you have seen it yourself?

Has there been a story that you’ve heard or personally experienced that you seem to continue to share with others in a repetitive manner because it is personally fulfilling and also for the benefit of others?

These are the details and aspects of our normal day in and day out routines.  They are not only relatable to us but truly relevant for us as we seek to grow in our lives… especially for those who are followers of Jesus that are maturing in their life with Christ.

For those of us who call ourselves “Christians”, we must understand the great need to remember and to be reminded.  The Scriptures paint this clear picture again and again of this urgency for our lives.  These reminders help us to remember that we must never lose site of:

  • who God is
  • what God says
  • what God has done (and is doing).

Think about this…when we forget (or are not reminded) about what God does, we forget the value of what God says. This ultimately affects our worship of who God is.

Therein lies the greatest problem… When we forget the grace, the gospel, the glory, and the goodness of God our life begins drifting from reflecting the image of God that we were created to bear in our choices.

Today, we get the opportunity to spend some time again with the letter to the Ephesians where the Apostle Paul takes a moment to remind the church about what is of the utmost importance to us… and ultimately reminded of who is of the most importance to us.

We get the privilege of being reminded of the transformation that occurs all because of Jesus.  We are invited to see who we were (and who we will continue to be) with Christ, but, we also get benefit of viewing the promises and provision of a Christ-filled life.

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