The ERLC Represents Me

This article was written by my friend, colleague, and brother in Christ, John Blackmon. I share his sentiments and felt he captured the right tone so I am re-blogging his post on my page. I too stand with the ERLC and I am grateful to have a well spoken, gospel proclaiming, and culturally engaging man like Dr. Russell Moore at the helm of such an entity.

Johnblackmon's Blog

erlcI was quite taken aback to see the recent opinion piece, “Does the ERLC Represent the SBC?” I was disappointed not only to find this piece published in the Louisiana Baptist Message but republished by our own Christian Index (Georgia). This type of rhetoric and opining is a continual wedge between the generations in the Southern Baptist Convention. Though the title question is couched in the language of the ERLC as a whole, it becomes evident quite quickly that the sights are set on the entity president, Dr. Russell Moore.

First, I must state my respect for former Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) head, Dr. Richard Land. Dr. Land was a formidable representative during a monumental time in our history and was a great diplomatic voice to many notable persons and heads of state for Southern Baptists. In recent years, it became evident to Southern Baptists and Dr. Land…

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