Thoughts from the Mailbox, pt 1.

I have a confession to make… I’m not really a letter writer.  It is just not really my thing.  I do however enjoy connecting with other people.  This makes writing letters make sense to me at times.  I want people to know when I am grateful for who they are and what they do.  It also gives me an opportunity to share answers to questions that others have.  And other times, like I am doing now (except in a digital fashion)… it helps me to meander through my own thoughts and ideas to others.

But as I have been thinking through some thoughts I can’t help but think of how this process of getting my letters to others works.  It is kind of amazing when I think about what happens when I bring a letter or package to the mailbox or drop it off at the nearest postal/parcel delivery service.  One of the things that I ask for is the guarantee of the delivering my message or item from one place to another.  But I never dictate how this will look.  I never tell them to route my letter in the process of delivery through certain cities before reaching the ultimate goal.

red mailbox with mailsPicture this… if I were to tell the delivery service to make sure my note that is ultimately to go from Michigan to Arizona to first go to Canada, then New York, the Seattle, then Orlando, then Green Bay, then Nashville, then Los Angeles, and so on, and so on all before reaching Arizona.  That would be crazy to ask them to work through all of this in order to delivery my letter.  It would also indicate a lack of trust for them to handle what I had placed within their hands.

So how does this relate to my life?  How does it relate to faith?

I think at times we are asking for God to care for our lives and to even deliver us from struggles… however we want to predetermine what that really looks like.  Instead of trusting who God is, what God says, and what God does in His process of saving, delivering, and transforming a life…we would like to have a say and dictate what this looks like.

I think maybe it is time to take a lesson for how we deal with our mail in how we trust God’s grace, love, & truth over our lives.  This is one of my thoughts from the mailbox.

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