Three Things I Need to Say…by E.A. Love

A great post here on the healthy disciple and the healthy church… Very powerful testimony and admonishment that took guts, humility and passion to declare.

Remember on both sides…

A healthy disciple and/or “healthy church is one who increasingly reflects the character of God as His character is revealed in His word.” -Mark Dever

Jesus Christ is the healer and the one who is able to restore and the disciple and the church.  He is able to save the lost and any who would call on His name.

By His Grace.  Through His Glory.  For His Glory.

Thanks E.A. Love for sharing your thoughts with us.  I just had to repost this for those with similar questions, pain, and frustrations.

I Say Stuff -- E.A. Love

I left First Baptist Church just over three years ago. I had had enough.  I was tired of inefficient committees.  I was tired of worship wars.  I was tired of what I perceived as passive leadership. I was tired of the infighting. I was tired…of the church.  To be clear, I was not just tired of FBC; rather, I was tired of the institutional church.  I grew up at a rural Baptist church in central Missouri that, while smaller, operated much like FBC, the first church I’d really planted myself in as an adult.  A bit of history might be helpful here; there are more good memories associated with the church I grew up in than I can recount, but I most closely associate it with the tumult and upheaval that prompted my family’s exit. It’s probable that the sour taste in my mouth left over from that negative experience…

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Communicate Truth… More Clearlierly Better

I have laughed at and shared this video with my friends.  Many in the business world, education world, and church world have been a part of similar scenarios.  We enjoy the communication of new ideas or even the renewal of what we know to be true, but sometimes the way things are communicated actually distorts the message.  I don’t want this to be the case any time I share something of importance, much less when I teach & preach the Gospel.

I am very thankful that I serve the one and only God.  He is perfect and it is He who is able use me in my imperfections.  But I know that I must be ready to listen, trust, and obey Him as He guides me in what to say, do, and be.

The Scriptures give us a great promise and challenge.  These can be very familiar scriptures to those familiar with the Bible, but may I ask you this question?

Is your prayer today something like this?

“God, I am a mess with out You.  Help me to show how truly great You are in the ways I communicate about You through my words and actions.  Help me to know You with greater clarity.  Help me to share You with greater clarity.  Thank You Jesus for Your grace and Your gospel.  Now let what You lead me to say and do…bring you glory.”

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