Because I Love Her So…


Today is my anniversary celebrating 9 wonderful years of marriage to the lovely Melinda Taylor. We have known each other for the last 12 years and I’m looking forward to many more. If you choose to read this, remember, it could get mushy (You have been warned).

I dedicate this post to her because it is my letter to her.

My Beloved,
I just have to say that I am an incredibly blessed man because God has brought you into my life. In fact, I know I would not be the man I am today, had you not been God’s gift to me. Second only to my salvation in Christ Jesus, you are my greatest prize. My pearl of great price and special treasure.

I am constantly amazed and overwhelmed by your graceful choice to love me and walk with me through the thick and thin of these last 9 years. Even after knowing me for 3 years ahead of time, you chose to give me your love and marry me in 2004. Wow!

You are joy to my soul that is almost inexpressible but I will do my best in this letter at least to give a glimpse of what you mean to me.  

You are the amazon Wonder Woman that makes my day.

You make my face smile and my feet leap! There are days that I just desire to grab you, hold you close, and dance with you in my arms, all the while smiling and looking into your eyes. Without you…I’m not me.

I love watching you as the mother to our children and I can tell without the shadow of a doubt that they adore you… almost as much as I do.

You are absolutely beautiful and there is no denying that you still have that spark that sets me ablaze. I am a blessed man.

Behind those lovely greenish brown eyes is a mind that is sharp and quick. It holds that perspective that I love to hear as you share your “stories of the day.” Within that smile is the delightful wit that I have always seen since we met. Over the years, we have developed so many inside jokes and it is so great how one glance to each other can set us both laughing out of our seats.

Within your heart is also a compassion for those in need. You have a zeal to care for the hurting and a gift to bring healing in those days of pain. God has planted you in the right field to reap the fruit of His kingdom work.

Your spirit working by the grace of the Holy Spirit has also brought great discernment and wise counsel in our home. As I pray about life, and direction, it is always amazing how at times you will be lead to also bring perception that I had not yet thought of.

I want to that you for saying “I do” beside me in 2004. I also want to you to know that in this journey on earth, I desire to walk it with you by my side everyday all the more.

I want to grow in the Lord with you as His disciples. I want serve Him together with you.

I want to be the man that gets to grow old with you and in doing so, share over and over these wonderful memories and the ones we have yet to build.

I do ask for your continual forgiveness and grace for the days when I have not shown you that you are a Godsend to me. You are a gift of His grace, thank you for displaying that to me and to the world around us.

Happy Anniversary to the Woman of God that I love and have by my side.

I love you, Melinda Nicole Taylor.

May our marriage & family live and love…

By His Grace. Through His Gospel. For His Glory.

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