Teach Us To Number…

Teach Us To Number...

So teach us to number our days
that we may get a heart of wisdom.
-Psalm 90:12

This is a truly powerful request from the servant of God…and for the servants of God today…

  • Life is temporary…on earth. No one lives forever…on earth. But we were created for eternal purposes.


  • We were created…and as the created we have a Creator. Because He is Creator…He is the authority on life, namely our life. The servant cries for learning from His Creator. It is a cry to be taught, and to be taught anything we must submit to the instruction given to us. There is no greater instruction than the Word of God and no greater professor of truth, wisdom, and knowledge than God Himself.


  • We need to number our days… if we were given a precise countdown on how many days were were to live, we would want to make them count. Pray that God would help each day that He has numbered for us, to count for good in His kingdom work. Let us submit to His work in our lives.


  • So that we may gain…a heart of wisdom. No one likes to submit to anything unless they know for certain that they will “gain” something in return. While I cannot and would dare not tell you “everything” that God, our Creator, has for you or me… I can tell you that He is the giver of blessings to those that trust and obey. I also know that those who trust and obey God are the most humble of servants and those that will be held in high esteem in His never-ending Kingdom.

By His Grace. Through His Gospel. For His Glory.

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