Planted For A Reason…

Planted For A Reason...

“But I am like a green olive tree
in the house of God.
I trust in the steadfast love of God
forever and ever.”
-Psalm 52:8 [ESV]

I was planted by God to…

  • Be Growing = Life cannot continue without growth. My life with God is a walk of faith, growing in the knowledge of the Giver of Life, Jesus Christ.
  • Be Producing = A good olive tree will produce good olives. This does not happen overnight for it takes years for olives to grow from an olive tree. It will take care, provision, and cultivation. God provides Himself for this provision. My response is to produce the good fruit that I was called to produce.
  • Be Rooted = To maintain life and to continue producing, I must be firmly rooted. This root is trust in God Himself and His holy steadfast love.
  • Be Healthy = The scripture states that the olive tree is green. This is the perception of health and vitality. It is a display that the tree is receiving that which it needs for health and producing the evidence of this reception. A healthy disciple is truly similar because they will display outwardly the inward “goodness of God” that He has provided by grace.

A healthy disciple is one who “increasingly reflects the character of God as God’s Character is revealed through God’s Word.” -Mark Dever

A healthy church is an orchard of healthy disciples…

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