Psalm 119: ל Lamedh



ל Lamedh

Psalm 119: 89-96

89 Forever, O LORD,
Thy word is settled in heaven.

90 Thy faithfulness continues throughout all generations;
Thou didst establish the earth, and it stands.

91 They stand this day according to Your ordinances,
For all things are Thy servants.

92 If Thy law had not been my delight,
Then I would have perished in my affliction.

93 I will never forget Thy precepts,
For by them Thou hast revived me.

94 I am Thine, save me;
For I have sought Thy precepts.

95 The wicked wait for me to destroy me;
I shall diligently consider Thy testimonies.

96 I have seen a limit to all perfection;
Thy commandment is exceedingly broad.

[NASB 1977]

Over 22 days (with a few Sabbath rests in the midst) it is my hope to soak in and meditate on Psalm 119.  This is the longest chapter of the Bible with 22 sections.  Each of the 22 sections is an acrostic in the original Hebrew language that alliterates each statement with one letter from the Hebrew Alphabet.  In reading through this Psalm, one can find the meditations of the heart, the movements of the hands, & the all surpassing Grace of God.

How long is forever?  It is infinite.  Until the end of time and beyond.  When God speaks a word it is always truth and it stands forever.  It is settled as a foundation and pillar, but it is also a catalyst that changes things forever.  At the word of the Lord light was made.  At the word of the Lord, life was established on the earth (which He also created at His very utterance of His word).  At the word of the LORD there is a place of perfect tranquility and trembling because of His faithful truth and because of His unyielding mission.

According to Isaiah 55, the Word of the Lord accomplishes much… in fact the truth of God’s word is that it will accomplish just what God has purposed it to accomplish.  His word is perfect in it’s holiness, declaration, and power.  This is what the psalmist declares in Lamedh (pronounced la-med) that God’s word is everlasting and perfect.

Do we understand how marvelous this is?  How wonderful it is that what God has said, and will say, through His word is perfect and forever.  It echoes over us and rushes through us…and all of creation is never the same.  In fact, all of eternity is never the same.

Now, just think about the power of Jesus words in His work of our redemption.  “It is finished.”

By His Grace.  Through His Gospel.  For His Glory.

“I stand amazed in the presence 
Of Jesus the Nazarene 
And I wonder how He could love me, 
A sinner condemned, unclean. 

For me it was in the garden
He prayed: “Not My will, but Thine.”
He had no tears for His own griefs,
But sweat drops of blood for mine.

He took my sins and my sorrows, 
He made them His very own; 
He bore the burden to Calvary, 
And suffered and died alone. 

When with the ransomed in glory 
His face I at last shall see, 
‘Twill be my joy through the ages, 
To sing of His love for me.

O how marvelous! O how wonderful!
And my song shall ever be:
O how marvelous! O how wonderful!
Is my Savior’s love for me!”  -Charles H. Gabriel, 1905


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