My Little Girl Is Growing So Fast…


I am the proud father of three beautiful children.  They are gift and blessing from God to myself, my wife, the world, and namely to God Himself.  That is why I want to raise them in a way that displays the grace of God to them.  I want them to grow up and come to know Jesus Christ as the Lord God.  I want them to experience His grace and to live to serve him.

That’s why I’m thankful for ministries such as Awana.  It helps my children to understand and memorize scripture from the Bible.  This grasping of the truth will open their eyes.  Abigail has already come to understand and know that Jesus is the Lord who saves.  Jackson is almost 5 years old and asking questions about faith.  Hannah, the 3 year old in my video, is grasping this song from her sister who is in the lst grade.

Glory be to God…the Giver of Grace For Life.

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