Grace Is Indeed An Ocean

“For of His fullness we have all received, and grace upon grace. For the Law was given through Moses; grace and truth were realized through Jesus Christ.”  -John 1:16-17

I know that people have written extensively about the lyrics to John Mark McMillan’s How He Loves, and I am attempting to amplify just one line of the song. (And yes, spoiler alert, the song was performed by the David Crowder*Band, but not written by them).  The particular line that I speak of is illustrated in the picture above.  If His Grace Is An Ocean, We’re All Sinking…

Follow me for a moment of imagination…

  • Imagine trying to swim the entirety of the  ocean without any help…Fail Right?
  • Imagine trying to drink up all the water of the ocean without any help…Fail Right? (plus way to salty)
  • Imagine trying to soak up all the water of the ocean without any help…Fail Right?
  • Imagine trying to hold back a all water of the ocean as if we could control it all…Fail Right?

The ocean is so immense and overwhelmingly deep and full that it is hard to wrap our minds around the sheer size of it…but lets attempt to.

70% of the world is covered in water by the oceans.  There are approximately 1,300,000,000,000,000,000,000 liters of water in the oceans, which is 1.3 sextillion liters.   To get to gallons, there are 3.78541178 liters in 1 gallon.  Doing the math, that means there are 343,423,668,428,484,681,262 gallons of water in the oceans.   That’s 343 quintillion gallons, or put another way, 343 billion BILLION gallons.   That’s a lot of water.

I think you may be getting the picture…at least I hope part of it.

There is no way possible for us to even begin to do these things even if we imagined that we possibly could.  Our human attempts to hold back the ocean are in vain.  (See any major storm or natural disaster on the coasts)

But like the immensity of these oceans…so is the incredibly mind-glowingly huge immensity of God’s grace.  The Scripture says that from “His fullness we have all received, and grace upon grace” from Jesus Christ.

From the fullness of what He did on the cross…and we need to sink in that grace.  We need to die to self by drowning in the grace that only Jesus Christ has given us.

We need to let it sink in that in His grace we must sink in.

Our attempts to live this life on our own merits, or proving ourselves, or trying to pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps, or working our way to achievement, or whatever way you want to call it…ends in falling short…way, way, to short.

“for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” -Romans 3:23

You see the Law came through Moses.  It taught us about godliness, but the law only reveals what godliness is…in itself, it cannot make us godly, or holy.  Only the Gospel “good news” of Jesus Christ can do that.  That is truth and grace…realized.  And this is that truth and grace.

  • Our God created you and me with love.
  • Our sins separate us from God because they are rebellion and we are unrighteous & sinful.
  • Only Jesus lived the life of perfection that we could never have lived because He was fully God & fully man.
  • Only Jesus paid the penalty for our sin through His sacrificial death on the cross.  He willingly went there for us.
  • Only Jesus was willing as the Creator to give up His life for the created…you and me.
  • Only Jesus was able to take back up His life again and rise from the dead.
  • Only Jesus is able to provide life to those in need of rescue, redemption, and restoration from the death penalty of sin.
  • Only Jesus is willing to provide grace upon grace.

His Grace is poured out so immensely that it is like an ocean to drown in…only to find in that “dying to self”…Immortal Love & Life.

Immortal Love, forever full,

Forever flowing free,

Forever shared, forever whole,

A never-ebbing sea!

-John Greenleaf Whittier

His Grace is Indeed An Ocean

One thought on “Grace Is Indeed An Ocean

  1. This particular line of this song is only my second favorite, but indeed a favorite because it speaks to the depth of His grace towards us. You have expounded on this very well. Oh How He Loves Us.

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