With Great Power…

…comes great responsibility.  We all have heard the famous quote from Spiderman.  (No, I am not licensed to use the 2002 movie in my post.)  And of course we essentially believe if you are endowed with special powers, there comes a responsibility.  I know that if I had supernatural abilities (which I do…shhh, don’t tell my secret), I would need to use them for good.

We also see this in other areas.  If you are the first one at a red light…you must be responsible to watch for the light at the proper change or make that right turn when it is available.  If you have the special seats (with more leg room) on the planes at the emergency exit…you must know you have responsibility to handle those seats with the care they deserve.

Today, I recently discovered a new-found position of power and responsibility in the church.  There are many we could talk about…but this isn’t about the pastoral role of leadership and teaching the Word of God in a correct way (2 Timothy 2:15).  This isn’t about the Worship Leader making sure that the music chosen not only is relational but theological (and done with excellence).  This isn’t even about the nursery workers that care for our little ones.

No, my friends.  With great power comes great responsibility and there are holders of a power.  Here is it…the person with the Klennex tissue box under their seats.  This parishioners are not spying on you to see if you are nodding off during the sermon.  They are carefully inspecting the watery eyes to see if you need this extra help of two ply softness during an emotional encounter with God.  So do not look oddly at them.  Give them the honor of maintaining responsibility with their powerful seats.  Maybe…even a t-shirt or special name tag (lanyard?).

Thank you Mr. or Mrs. Tissue Box. 

Your contributions are not forgotten.

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