Reckless Abandonment

“I am Yours, save me... “ Psalm 119:94a [NASB]

I find myself many days trying to swim against the currents.  I always am trying to get what I want,  where I want to be, & how I want to do it.  One thing I need to realize is… I don’t own me.

God made me.
I acted like God didn’t make me & like I was king of this castle.   I was rebellious.  I was a sinner.

God has His Standard… The Law.
I acted like my standards were good enough… I wager that I’m not the only one who has thought this.  I was a sinner.

God has His Price For Sin… Death & Wrath.
I acted as though these could be hidden,  manipulated, and avoidable in my own timing.  I was a sinner.

God has His Plan For Salvation… JESUS CHRIST.
When I finally realized in the midst of my struggling swimming that I was about to drown, the clarity of this rescue became much more breathtaking.  God on the cross to pay the penalty of my sins.  God rising from the dead to prove His victory over death. I was a sinner… in need of saving.

God allows me to Choose to accept His Grace through Faith.
I was a sinner… But now I am His… He saved me.

I am not worthy of this grace. I still struggle with sin and continue act as though I am my own… But reminders from the Scriptures powerfully make me face the fact that I am not.

Praise God for Your truth, grace, and love. Jesus, help me abandon myself to You.  It much look like reckless foolishness in the eyes of the world, but I want to look like a disciple in your eyes.