Grace Defined

Grace is a Gift and there is no denying it.  The greek word for grace  χαρις (charis) is also translated as gift.

There is something amazing about the word “Grace” because it is not just about being some churchy word.  It is because of the gift that Grace is.  A HUGE gift that is life changing and available to all.  I’ll explain a little later.  Without Grace, without this gift…we have no chance!  We are truly desperate without it.  I love grace and I’m absolutely dumbfounded by it.

Here’s why…

Grace shows us so much about the character of God and the state of man. It teaches us about the unprecedented, undeniable, unimaginable love of the Holy God to fallen man.  It is very specific because it is a specific gift.  How do we get it?  Why do we get it?  Why do we need it?  Why is this gift so amazing?

Let’s start it out like this.

God’s Character is Unique.

  • God existed long before anything else.  He is the Origin of all things.  Because He is the Origin of all things He has the authority on all things.  (Revelation 22:13)
  • God is the Creator of all things.  As Creator He expresses Himself in a very artistic manner.  Everything He has made displays His purposes, His attention to details, and His love for His creation.  God makes nothing without a plan. (Genesis 1:1; 1:26-27; 1:31)
  • God loves mankind with a unique relationship.  He created mankind in His image giving us not only authority, but choice.  God walked with mankind in the garden before there was sin. He gives man knowledge of His maker.  He gives man a mission to work at.  He gives man a mate to share life with.  God is a giver of love.  In His holiness, He has the supreme characteristic of love  (Genesis 2)
  • God’s love is for all persons He has created in His image.
  • He passionately desires that you (all) have an unbroken personal relationship with Him.
  • See also John 3:16; Ephesians 2:4-5
Our Sin Is A HUGE Problem…
  • Adam & Eve were created in innocence with the freedom of choice.  In their temptation, they chose to disobey the command of God and committed sin.  This sinful act brought the sinful nature into all mankind after them.  (Genesis 3)
  • All persons are now sinners in that they disobey God.  This Sin is choosing to go your own way and do your own thing as opposed to being obedient to God.
  • Now, sin forms a barrier that prevents you from entering into an unbroken personal relationship with God, who is holy.
  • Sin makes us an unholy person (people).  No unholy person can have a true connection with God.
  • In our broken relationship, people are on path to a Christ-less eternity that the Bible calls death and hell.
  • See Also Isaiah 53:6; 59:2; Romans 3:10; 23
The Illusion of the Good Enough
  • Adam & Eve tried to be good enough and disguise their nakedness.  They couldn’t hide their sin (Genesis 3)
  • Cain tried to please God, but still hated his brother Abel.  He chose to kill him.  He couldn’t hide his sin from God.  (Genesis 4)
  • Moving forward we see the problems of mankind.  We even see the flaws and sinfulness of heroes like Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, & Joseph.  They could not hide their sins from God or others.
  • Moses tried to hide his sinful act of murder from the eyes of man.  Even that attempt failed.  (Exodus 2)
  • David tried to hide his sinfulness from a kingdom.  It failed.  (2 Samuel)
  • The point is that all of our attempts to overcome our personal sin fail.  None of us wake up one day and just determine that we want to be sinful.  We make choices to act on temptations and slowly fade into deeper acts of depravity.
  • All sin is sin.  The little sins are sins as much as the big sins.
  • People often think that through their efforts they can overcome the sin barrier between themselves and God (or their worldview of good).  That isn’t true.
  • There’s nothing you can do to restore the broken relationship with God.
  • No matter how much we put our will to do good into great efforts, You can’t earn God’s salvation or heaven.
  • Our sins have a debt that we are enslaved to.  This debt is death.  We become bonded to this future ahead without hope.
  • See also Ephesians 2:8-9; Titus 3:5; Romans 4:4-5
There Is No One Good But God
  • Jesus Himself, told the rich young ruler, there is no one good except God.  This gives us a good place to start from.
  • Remember, God is Holy.  He is unique.  Because of His holiness, anything unholy cannot survive in front of God.  This is His wrath upon sin.
  • Jesus, is God in the flesh (John 1:14) and is equivalent to God.  He is God. (John 10:30)
  • Jesus came to take the wrath for sin upon Himself so that we would not have to face this penalty if we choose to receive the gift of His grace. (Romans 3:23, 2 Corinthians 5:21)
  • Jesus took the punishment and death of the cross so that we would know the fullness of His love as God, and have the ability to accept His grace.  (Romans 5:8,  6:23, 10:9-13)
  • Jesus‘ death on the cross removed the sin barrier between God and man.
  • Jesus died for our sins, taking upon Himself the punishment that we deserved.
  • Jesus did for us what we couldn’t do for ourselves.
  • See also 1 Peter 2:23; John 3:16
  • Sin was imputed to all mankind from the one sinful act of one man.
  • Grace was made available, because of the acts of Jesus (God) on the cross.  This is for all who would receive the grace of Christ through the choice of faith.  (Romans 5:12-21)
  • This choice of authentic faith is trusting in what Jesus has done for us on the cross rather than trusting our own efforts.  There is no other answer for the gift of grace, heaven, or eternal life other than this.
  • This choice of authentic faith is a relationship with God.  It involves making Jesus the permanent leader of your life.
  • This choice of authentic faith leads us to repentance or genuine sorrow for our personal sins and willingness to turn away from those sins by the guidance of Jesus Christ as our King.
  • See also John 14:6; Acts 16:31; Romans 10:9-10
Grace Is The Gift For Today & Forever
  • Jesus spoke that He came to give life to abundance or to the fullest. (John 10:10b)
  • The life of a follower of Christ does not start or become effective or become real just in the result of death and meeting heaven.
  • The life of a follower of Jesus is a life impacted by the gift of grace. (1 Corinthians 15:10)
  • This life is accomplished by:
  1. Living A Life Of Love & Worship (Matthew 22:36-37)
  2. Growth In Wisdom & Following of Scriptures (2 Timothy 3:16-17)
  3. Intimacy In Your Relationship With God in Prayer (Philippians 4:4-7; John 15; John 17)
  4. Connection With The Body Of Christ In God’s Church (1 Corinthians 12-14)
  5. Sharing the gift of Grace with others who have not heard or received it (Romans 1:16, 10:12-15)
My prayer is that you would know and have this amazing gift of Grace for yourself.  My prayer is that as a follower of Christ, you will desire to share the gift of grace you have received.  The choice is left to us in God’s freedom that He gave us.
Grace is a Gift and there is no denying it.

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