My Pants Don’t Like Me

So the other day my little boy is caught walking around the house in just his shirt and underwear.  We are curious because we know he had just went down the hall wearing jeans as well.  Upon asking him what happened to his pants…his response; “my pants don’t like me.”  I died out laughing as well as my wife.  She couldn’t help but to tweet about the experience.

But as I sat thinking about this, I started thinking about how he is getting used to dressing himself and wearing “big boy” clothes.  He is 3 years old.  Right now, he would actually just like to walk around showing off the superheroes and cartoon characters on his underoos.  He is very comfortable in his own skin.  This idea of dressing yourself is very new to him.

This idea is somewhat new to Christians as well.  The idea is that God has supplied us with everything we need.  In 2 Corinthians 5:17 the scriptures tell us that God has made us a new creation when we are in Christ.  The Bible also tells us in Ephesians 4 that because of the truth that is in Jesus, believers have taken off the old man (old nature) and to put on the new man that is in Christ.  In Ephesians 6, the scripture has told us that God has given all we need to protect this new creation and to be used for Jesus’ glory.  Known as the armor of God, it is a choice for every believer to both understand, accept, and to put on the armor for which God has already given.  It is not something manufactured by us, but a gift from God above.

The thing is, sometimes we mess up.  My son still has “accidents” that gets his pants wet.  He thinks his pants don’t like him.  Sometimes we think when we mess up that we weren’t made to be used for God’s glory.  That somehow the armor isn’t there for us.  Your pants aren’t mad at you.

If you are in Christ as a believer in & follower of Jesus, He, as God, has made you a new creation.  He also has given you a gift that is tailored from the scriptures for each of us.  But we need to choose to understand these gifts (this armor), to accept them, and to put them on.

Why?  Because your pants do like you…and even more, God loves you and me.

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