Grasping For Breath

Have you ever been desperate for air?  Wanted more than anything to catch your breath?  Perhaps it was after a vigorous workout or run that you had to pause to take in the grasps of air you needed.  Perhaps you were in an a sporting event that “knocked the wind out of you.”  Perhaps you had one of those “sink or swim” moments where you didn’t…umm swim.  That was me…(admitted moment of transparency inserted here).  I did not learn to swim until the late age of 11.  Not very ideal when most of the people in your swim lesson class are at least 4 years younger than you….uh, Awkward!

I have somehow been captured by this idea of how desperate we all are for breath.  We desire to live and without air, it just ain’t happenin’.  From the moment the doc flicks our toe or spanks our hiney…we just need it.  Physical life requires this substance to fill our lungs.  And sometimes, we fight for it.  But, the point is this.  When our physical life seems to be getting all the air it needs, and still something is missing that makes us feel like life is falling apart…what are we to consider?

What about the spiritual life inside of us?  Some call it the heart and soul…but there is something spiritual about every human being.  (to my atheist friends or readers, this is true for you, even if you deny it).  We know there is something missing and we tend to get a little restless, even desperate for filling in this area.  Ever wonder why people try out so many hobbies, relationships, activities, careers, or even vices to “fill the void?”  Because we are desperate to grasp not only our physical breath…but the spiritual one.  We need answers, and if we understand the need for something spiritual, we must understand the idea of someone (a presence) larger than ourselves.

Enter…God!  (And I am referencing the One True God, as some would say the Biblical God…Father, Son, Holy Spirit).  No matter how detached or what level of connection there is in our life with God right now… He exists.  He is.  As He gave His name to Moses in Exodus 3, it would even indicate how powerful He is… “I AM WHO I AM.”  What a name!

And His presence and His Word are at the very core the breath we need…period. It is only He, who sustains our lungs filled with the air He created.  It is only He that knows count and enables the spark that makes our heart beat.  He is not only God who satisfies…He is God who sustains.  And He has given us a gift…Himself and His breath (word).

2 Timothy 3:16-17 says that All scripture is God-breathed (Inspired by God) and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.

As I look at these verses I see hope in the breath of God that we are all desperate for.  These hopes fulfill the needs we wall have.

The Need for Wisdom:  The Scriptures of the Bible are what offer true wisdom because they come from the wisest of all…God Himself.  We need a teacher.  We need the gift of intelligence and it is offered freely from Jesus Christ.

The Need For Being Wrong:  The Scriptures teach us that which we hate.  We are wrong.  At the core something is depraved and flawed within.  But although we know that not everything is right or perfect, the Bible doesn’t sugarcoat what we need to hear…that we are wrong.  And that there is no “self-help” path to fixing it.

The Need For A New Path:  God shows us through the Scriptures the one – way narrow path that makes a difference.  It is a path that we can’t make on our own and is not what the masses have chosen.  It is the new and only path that God Himself has made.

The Need For His Righteousness:  God brings us this great design of righteousness into clarity through His scriptures.  Salvation which is by the grace alone that He offers through Jesus.  Sanctification which is the process by which our faith in Jesus grows stronger by our actions of faith.

The Need For Completeness:  God offers us His breath, His word so that the emptiness we feel, may be filled with all that God intended us to be and know.  He takes that which is fragmented and heals the brokeness.

The Need For Purpose:  God has a work for you to do.  The scriptures show us that our hearts and our hands are to serve together in a way that is designed by God.

The Need For Relationship:  The scriptures are God’s breath.  It is His way of revealing His presence in a very personal, conversational way.  They show that Jesus is God and that He truly loves you and me.  They show that He is not amassing a religious multitude, but a people of love and relationship with Him. Jesus fills the need to have a relationship with God, because He is God and He is love.

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