Share It Like Silly Putty

When I was a kid (some would debate I still am), I had a special day.  A kid in my class gave me a little red egg that helped to make that day special.  Inside was this gooey flesh colored  clay like substance.  It was the start of a revolution in my heart.  Now about 22 years later I realize the difference it can make.

I’ve always enjoyed sharing my prized possessions.  I’m a tech geek and whenever I get a chance to toot my own horn about something…i tend to (sad, I know).  With that I always share where it came from, and defend why it was necessary for me to have it.  But I began debating this question recently…

“If I am so adamant verbally about my worldly choices, what about the supernatural gift that God has given me?  Am I verbally adamant and excited about the gift of the Gospel?  Am I excited to seek to share Jesus with others?”

Don’t get me wrong…I love to share Jesus…but I have to face the truth.  I have been guilty of generally waiting for someone else to seek it from me instead of me seeking to share Him to others.  Selfish, I know!

So back to the silly putty.  Here is the point.  I was super excited about the gift of silly putty that I shared it with my childlike excitement.  This is parallel I found between sharing it like silly putty and the great commission.

(Disclaimer:  Jesus worth infinitely more than silly putty ever could even make a blip on the screen. In no way would I desire to demean or devalue Jesus.)

Matthew 28:18 Jesus states “All authority has been given to me on heaven and earth. Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit teaching them to obey all I have commanded and remember I am with you, even to the end of the age.”

So here is the parallel…finally!

Share it like Silly Putty!

1-Remember Who It Came From – I couldn’t take credit for the silly putty and I can’t take credit for the gospel.  It removes the I from the picture.  When we share the Gospel remember all authority is given to Jesus.  It is not about our fear, but His glory.

2-Give It So Others Can Give – I wanted to share the silly putty that was given to me so I gave some to others and I hope they gave some of it to others…eventually it ran out.  Jesus however doesn’t.  Give Him in power and faith so that others may become disciples and they too can give Him to others so as to make disciples and so on.

3-Help Others Discover- I showed them all I knew of Silly Putty.  How it bent and pulled up newspaper print.  Help others discover all they can about Jesus.  Be a Disciple that disciples.  Let them see Jesus through us.

4-Remember Jesus is Watching You- Your parents, grandparents, & some teachers may have said it.  Playground kindness rules right?  Well the truth is, Jesus is with us everywhere we go if we are His disciples.  He sees you.  He sees me.  He is with us.  Live in a way that reflects this.

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