Joy in Simplicity

There are quite a few things in this world that as Americans we think we need to be happy. Even as Chrisitans in the US, many of us are asking God to bless us richly (and i don’t just mean monetarily, although it crosses the mind). 

Somehow, we believe the myth that “just a little more” & we’ll be happy.  Yet it seems the more we have, the more we want or need to fill our “happy high” quota.

I’m certainly not saying that we quit pursuing excellence in the life we live for God.  But i do think it is time we evaluate the Joy we have & seek true contentment in what God has given.

The Joy in Simplicity:
Seeing a child life.  Having a hot meal.  The refreshment of cold water.  The sight of a grand sunset.  The knowledge you did what was right & gave it your all without needing a thank you in return.  The grace that is knowing Jesus truly loves you.

Are you seeking your own path to joy or do you see it in what God has blessed you with now?

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