Potato Heads!


OK! OK!  I know i may be jumping on the Toy Story 3 bandwagon (Which was an incredible continuation of the story).  And i also know that many people have blogged before about Mr. Potato Head.  But do you ever feel like Mr. Potato Head.  Here’s a few examples of what i mean…

1)  I’m a Picasso!
You feel like the pieces of your life are mixed up and not placed in the right places.  You desire for there to be some kind of order.  You hope for some kind of plan.  You just wish someone could help you get things right?  

2)  I’m Missing An Eye!
Or an ear, arm, whatever it may be.  Some piece you know should be there seems to have been taken away from you or is hidden out of reach.  Now the pieces are not just mixed up, but something is missing.

3) Back Intact!
Somehow, life looks like everything is in it’s place.  No surface pieces are missing.  Life seems good right?  Your ears don’t get filled with junk.  Your eyes are focused ahead and skies are blue.  Your nose is clean.  Your lips don’t speak of what is wrong.  Your hands find something meaningful to do.  And your feet are pointed in the right direction.  The problem…you still feel like an empty shell.

4)  The Fully Loaded Spud!
Understanding that God has a plan for your life is a start.  Understanding that God is passionate about you and sent His one and only Son, Jesus Christ to die for you because of the passion…that’s revolutionary.  That is life changing.  That is Love!.  But Jesus life did not end on the cross.  He finished on the cross what was necessary for us to have relationship with God…Grace.  But because Jesus, rose from the dead…He has life.  Life to the fullest (John 10:10).  All other places that claim to have life, merely take it, because they are thieves.  Only Jesus can give life, because only He has conquered death in the first place.  God desires a relationship with you, but it can only happen through the death, resurrection, life, and grace of Jesus Christ.  But, if you want to discover life to the fullest, if you want to be more than an empty shell, if you want to be restored & healed, if you want to have a direction, and yet choose not to seek Him….you will have missed becoming all that God desires for His children.

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