The Courage To Dream

This post is from August of 2008…moved from my myspace account which i never use now.

You know, life is pretty funny sometimes. I think that is because our Lord has a sense of humor that boggles our frail minds. What I mean by that, is when I see God, I feel like I am completely unworthy of Him doing anything significant in my life. Then, He ends up doing exceedingly more than i could possibly ask or even imagine. I know that I don’t deserve to have the beautiful wife that i do, but Jesus brought her to me. I know that i don’t deserve my adorable and hilarious children, but He gave them to us. I certainly know I don’t deserve to be forgiven and then to even have the grace (favor) of God placed on me. I mean i keep messing up everyday. 

Then, i get to be a person that is called to be a representative for His name… I mean what is that? Certainly, not worthy…but i think it is very funny. Because He makes me smile… You should think about what God places in your life to make you smile. And one of the many things He places within us… is our dreams. God places our dreams inside of us to accomplish. I don’t mean the fleeting fancies of wanted pleasure. I mean the absolutely huge yearning inside that longs to come out and be God sized… yet fear usually keeps them squelched. The kind of dreams that if God doesn’t lead you through them, they would fail. And that is what we are so afraid of… failure. 

Sometimes failure is going to happen. Sometimes the obstacles are going to seem big. The children of Israel didn’t go first into the promise land because of the fear of defeat (failure). It cost them a generation. Joseph had to go through extreme obstacles which had to feel like failures before the dream inside of him was accomplished. All, i’m going to say is this… the only way to have the courage to dream is not just trust in your dream… but in Christ Jesus that placed it there.

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