How Far Am I Willing To Go?

Original Post- November 2007, moved from my myspace account:

On my heart this week is the big thought of…”what happens next?”  What is the next step in our journey with the King Supreme?  Well, I guess that all depends.  Every step forward in a journey or quest begins with a question looming in our minds.  At least I hope this question is there, because if it isn’t then we are walking without aim, knowledge, or faith.  

The question is “how far am I willing to go?”  I know that when it comes to travel, I want to see it all, and when it comes to my family, I want to be there for it all.  But when it comes to our walk with Christ…what is mine and your limit? Is it like that of a martyr to be willing to die?  I think that sounds like the noble and honorable thing to say.  The truth is the our answer to the question of “how far am I willing to go?”…should be something like this (and this is where I hope I am, and if I’m not, I want to be there)…I will live for Jesus, even if it kills me.  That means, we may think death is a noble sacrifice, but life lived for Jesus…that is something very different.  

This is something that  takes limitless devotion.  It takes a person that says i’m willing to give every breath over to my God even if it could be my last.  WOW!  I’m not sure i live that way.  I want to live that way, but i know that i’m not always that person.  What would it look like if this became the cry of a generation?  What if we began to live like this for the one we call our KING…Jesus Christ?  

I think then, people would begin to know…that we really believe He is who He says He is and that He does all that He promises to do.  I also believe that when they see this….they will see the truth,and the truth will se them free.

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