Honor the Price

Original Post December 2007- moved from my myspace account:

What is your favorite gift?  What is the most hoped for thing on your Christmas list?  What is the fondest Christmas morning you’ve ever had?  What is that one present that you’ll ever throw away because it was so incredibly special?  It is amazing to me how some gifts…we could careless about and yet we somehow needed them.  

There are also those gifts we have received that we don’t care to mention because…well, It just wasn’t our cup of tea….let’s face it…you might as well have gotten a partridge in a pear tree they were so useless. However, there are those gifts we never forget and we try to hold onto forever.  These could be some favorite toy or whatever from our childhood, and it may be something we talk about all the time.  We hold a special place of honor for these gifts. (Meaning they are valued much more than the packs of socks and underwear we got).  

But what about God’s gift to us.  Do we honor it?  Do we value it for the price that was paid for it?  How much do we care about the present Jesus offered us?  I think we really need to study what the Apostle Paul said in 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 to see what He says about honoring the price paid.  It will sure keep us out of the refund lines after Christmas, but I hope it reminds us…that we are not our own. We were paid for with a price….that means God considers us valuable to Him.  How do you honor the price?

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