Always sharing with her father…

Right now, in my office sits and chats a lovely 4 year old little girl.  I’m absolutely grateful to call her my daughter and i believe she is happy to call me “daddy.”  What amazes me is her constant love for me.  Now I’m not bragging or getting on an ego trip.  But I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that she loves me.  I can see this by her constant talk of what she is feeling, what she wants, and the random thoughts that she is bouncing back and forth.  She actually only stops talking in between bites of a granola bar (which she made sure she shared with me), sips of her water, and yawns.  I guess my office is not exactly a 4-year olds dreamland.  But between the talking, the sharing of sacred granola, and the bouncing energy…i get the climb up in daddy’s lap hug and “I love you.”  I love how secure she is in sharing with me.

It probably will not be long at all before she isn’t.  In fact, the other night i remember her tears and sorrow for thinking she was on “the naughty list” after watching Dora’s Christmas Carol.  She made sure she knew that she was sorry for those things she had done to hurt her brother’s feelings and such.  Broke my heart a little seeing her in sorrow.  But it reminded me of the honesty I need with my God.

I know that their are many times in my life that my relationship with my Father in heaven is not “like the faith of a child.”  And there is absolutely nothing wrong with sharing constantly what is on my heart (1 Thessalonians 5:16), giving of what has been given to me (Luke 21:3-4), and both embracing & reciprocating (giving back) the love he has for me…His adoptive son (Luke 15:11-32 / Romans 8:15).

He loves you like crazy, so…don’t forget to always share the love of & with your Father